Frequently Asked Questions


What is Exhibio?

Exhibio is a hardware digital signage and web accessible content management system. All systems feature our exclusive Exhibio Manager, our intuitive visual interface that makes it easy to implement and administer your digital signage solution.

Where are Exhibio Digital Signage Systems used?

Exhibio Digital Signage Systems are used in lobbies, restaurants, waiting rooms, universities and other education facilities, municipalities, retail environments, call centers, shop floors, airports, hotel & hospitality industry, offices, auto showrooms and trade shows.

Are Exhibio systems easy to use?

Exhibio's intuitive interface employs familiar icons and an easy step-by-step approach to create professional looking displays. If you found this website, you can use the Exhibio Digital Signage product!

Does Exhibio require any software to be installed?

No, all Exhibio systems are full turn-key solutions with our software integrated into our custom hardware platform.

Can Exhibio be accessed from the Internet or LAN/WAN?

Yes, utilizing Exhibio's web-based interface, you can access your Exhibio from any Internet or LAN/WAN connection. The Exhibio Digital Signage system may also be administered via direct connection of a mouse and keyboard to the Exhibio system.

Can Exhibio deliver the same content to multiple displays?

Yes, the Exhibio Digital Signage system can be used to display the same content on multiple display units. The Exhibio Enterprise System allows you to remotely control different content on all of the displays from one simple, easy to use interface.

Does Exhibio offer any themes or templates?

Yes, the X-900 and Enterprise System include over 100 layouts that can be combined with a set of built-in themes with attractive background graphics and color combinations to enable users to create content faster and easier than other digital signage methods.

Are screen layouts customizable?

Yes, the X-900 and Enterprise System include Exhibio's Layout Creator, allowing users to design an infinite number of customized layouts.

Can digital images or other graphics be used with Exhibio?

Yes, you can easily import images files, movies, flash, and live web pages into any Exhibio layout. The Exhibio System makes it simple to take all your current media and integrate it into your display. There is no need to re-create your content.

Can custom HTML be used on Exhibio systems?

Yes, the Exhibio content management system allows direct editing of HTML code.

Can Exhibio display data-driven content?

Yes, Exhibio offers a script toolbox allowing easy access to custom scripting. Upload existing scripts for database integration or create your own with the Exhibio system editor.

Does Exhibio work with interactive applications?

Exhibio can be used as an interactive system by plugging in a mouse, keyboard. Touchscreen monitors can be utilized while in landscape mode.

Will custom content applications work with Exhibio?

Yes, the Exhibio system comes with an API button generator. You can create your own custom applications and integrate them directly into Exhibio.

Can access levels be created to manage Exhibio?

Yes, within the Exhibio system you may create user accounts with defined roles and access limits.

What type of displays work best with Exhibio?

When deploying Exhibio Digital Signage it is best to use professional grade, large format displays with VGA (RGB 15-Pin) or HDMI input.

What display resolutions are supported?

Exhibio Digital Signage supports all 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions, from 640 X 480 to 1920 X 1440, supported in both portrait and landscape modes.

Can Exhibio display live TV/video?

Yes, Exhibio Digital Signage systems can incorporate live digital and analog TV, external S-Video and Composite feeds, as well as DVD playback (M-500 requires TV Tuner Kit).

Does Exhibio offer scheduling?

The X-900 and Enterprise System provide a comprehensive scheduling utility. You can easily schedule content as a single scene or in a playlist, displayed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or 'one time only' basis.

Are backup features available?

Yes, the Exhibio Backup and Restore utility enables all content, users, scheduling and related data to be easily backed up.