Digital Signage Markets


Schools need digital signage to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors informed of campus developments and events.

  • Welcome visitors with a system that looks impressive and modern, yet is helpful and informative.
  • Post campus events or news on displays in high-traffic areas
  • Recognize faculty or student accomplishments

Staff Communications

Digital signage can be used in any work environment where it is desirable to communicate up-to-the minute information to staff, including shop floors, warehouses, call centers and offices. It replaces bulletin boards, whiteboards and memos with high-impact messaging that can't be ignored.

  • Provide up-to-the-minute status of changing projects or conditions
  • Promote corporate goals or initiatives
  • Increase morale by recognmizing top performers
  • Inform staff of upcoming company events
  • Provide up-to-date relevant news or weather information
  • Integrate real-time data into displays

Hotels & Hospitality

Upgrade your reader boards! The Exhibio system allows you to add multi-media visual and audio content to grab the attention of visitors. And, it's so easy to use that sales, front desk, or banquet personnel can update content from anywhere.

  • Upgrade to multi-media reader boards
  • Lobby communications
  • Welcome visitors

Connect your Exhibio to your in-house television system and you've got a new channel to provide guests with information about hotel amenities and local attractions.

Public Spaces

Lobbies, waiting rooms, elevators or any place people gather can benefit from the addition of dynamic digital signage.

  • Combine live broadcast or recorded video on the same screen as customized messages
  • Welcome VIPs or promote special events
  • Government and educational institutions can provide vital information to the public in airports, bus terminals, hallways and lobbies

Transit Facilities

Tailor your messages to reach route operators, mechanics or passengers. Streamline communication among operators, and disseminate information in a timely manner about route conditions. Catch passengers' attention with animation, digital videos or live TV.

  • Inform route operators of route changes, construction, traffic situations, emergencies, etc
  • Post and easily update transit schedules
  • Display branding messages or pertinent public information to passengers

Retail Outlets

Digital point-of-sale signage is a powerful tool to motivate customers with more impact and flexibility than traditional signs. A modernized look for any retail environment.

  • Highlight promotional items
  • Showcase special offers
  • Use manufacturer co-op dollars in highly targeted ways
  • Entertain customers with interesting imagery or video
  • Reinforce your brand with exciting visuals