energy surges

Power and surge protection is something that is often overlooked when deploying a digital signage system, especially in small or hasty setups. Just like PCs and other sensitive electronics, digital signage equipment requires protection from electrical impurities in order to run efficiently and prevent damage. When deploying new digital signs, taking the time to plan accordingly will ensure steady operation and long life from these devices.

Sudden surges, power outages, and other electrical issues are a common cause for flickering displays, abrupt reboots of digital signage players, and burnt-out internal electronics. Problems like these can be a huge headache and generate costly repairs for businesses, but they can be easily avoided.

Using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a battery backup is generally the best solution for power protection. In the event of a power outage, not only will a UPS keep your digital signs running, it can even prevent you from losing unsaved data when editing or working on new sign content. However, these units can sometimes be too bulky or heavy to deploy efficiently in every situation.

If a UPS is not suitable or unavailable for the digital signage application, using a basic surge protector is the next best thing. Surge protectors don't necessarily need to be the ordinary, long power strips either. If aesthetics or physical footprint are of great concern, mountable and more ergonomic solutions can be used. Smaller surge protectors are even available that can fit directly over standard power outlets.