Digital signage in movie theaters

Digital displays are helping movie theaters increase profits by driving concession sales to customers before the show.  The displays are attractive to movie goers, enticing them to make purchases they might otherwise pass up.

Electronic message boards replace static signs and have become an integral part of concessions sales.  They draw customers’ attention better and are more cost effective.  There is no need to pay to have traditional signs printed and designed and replaced often as prices and promotions change.  The ability to make real-time changes to pricing and menus also helps to save time and money for theaters.  The network can be updated as often as needed, allowing theaters the flexibility to display special pricing or menu items at specific times of the day as well.

With a digital network, once a design is selected it can be pushed to every location within minutes and all of the signage can be managed from a central location.  The displays can also be customized to run region-specific promotions, pricing and menus.  Advertising slots can also be sold to 3rd party advertiser in order to promote their brands in the concession stands.  Digital displays also offer the flexibility to create one-time use menus for special events or exclusive screenings.

Not only are digital signs increasing concession sales, they are also being used as a more efficient way to list show times, movie titles, ratings, ticket pricing and other information.  Displays are able to show movie trailers and posters, which entertains customers in line and reduces their perceived wait time, making their experience in the theater more enjoyable.