Hosptial digital displays

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are using digital signage now to help improve the experience for patients and visitors.  Digital displays can help reduce anxiety for patients and their families by providing information about the treatment before the patient undergoes the procedure.  The content that is streamed can be specific for each department.  For example, in the cardiology unit of a hospital, the display can educate patients on cardiovascular health and in the trauma unit, a display in the waiting room could offer comforting messages to families waiting to see a loved one.

When placed in waiting rooms, digital displays help to reduce perceived wait times and make the waiting room experience more enjoyable by streaming educational and engaging content for visitors.  This content can also promote new products or services, wellness and prevention events, classes and hospital sponsored screenings.  Interactive touchscreen kiosks can be placed in waiting areas to help patients register upon arrival, fill out new profiles and update their information.  These kiosks can also offer wayfinding with diagrams, interactive maps and step by step directions from one point to the next to help patients find their way around.

Digital displays can also be placed in medical staff lounges to inform staff of policy and procedure changes, training opportunities, and other important notices.  Electronic message boards in break rooms can also stream educational material, showcase doctor and staff awards and accreditations and help medical staff feel appreciated while keeping them up to date on important news.  Electronic message boards can also be used to replace traditional whiteboards in nurses’ stations and operating rooms to improve efficiency, communication and coordination of nurses and doctors.