Digital signage and airports

Airports are now using digital displays to reduce cost and work more efficiently for travelers.  The digital network can be used for check-in kiosks, ticketing and gate computers and can be adapted to meet nearly every need of the facility.

Gates and check-in locations can be assigned through the network and airport staff can automatically update them with the appropriate airline logo, carrier-flight listings and flight status information at the gate.  Doing this allows more flexibility and gives personnel the ability to easily update airline assignments as conditions change.  This eliminates the need for hard signs and printed material, reducing cost to the airport.

Staff-facing terminals are vital to managing baggage flow, fuel, catering services and maintenance workers throughout the facility.  Baggage handlers can easily find a flight and activate baggage directories while updating the displays located at each carousel from a central location, making it easier for traveler’s to locate their luggage.  Wayfinding kiosks can also be set up throughout the airport, helping visitors find their way to the right location.  Staff can also update flight and baggage information, display visual messages, and manage ticket counter assignments which increases their efficiency and can ultimately improve the passenger’s experience.

Customs and Border Protection personnel can use a digital network to manage traffic flow and direct passengers to the appropriate lines, expediting processing through checkpoints.  Displays can also carry multilingual messages to help route travelers arriving on international flights to baggage claim, customs, or help desks located throughout the airport.

Electronic message boards can contain welcome messages and be easily updated with emergency alerts and weather information, keeping travelers well informed.  In waiting areas, the digital network can stream live television to help reduce perceived waiting times which also helps to improve the traveler’s experience in the airport.  They can also be used to advertise local events, hotels, car rentals, attractions and special promotions within the airport.