Digital signage screens are a welcome new addition in many sports venues.  These networks are improving communication, engaging teams, team management and fans alike.

Through the digital network, dynamic communication between management and players has never been easier.  Trainers can easily keep players up to date on important messages, alerts, safety reminders and statistical information.  The electronic message boards can be quickly updated, reminding players of team meetings, game strategies, opposing team weaknesses or even when it’s time to board the team bus to head to the next game.

Web-based content, videos, highlights, league standings, individual player statistics and other custom message boxes can be displayed in locker rooms.  Fans could also be allowed to submit messages to the team which can be shown as scrolling text on a display to help boost team morale.

Public displays can keep fans up to date on team news, standings, highlights and any special achievements or titles won by their team or individual players.  Digital signage advertising can be used to display special deals at concession booths throughout the venue or to promote upcoming team-sponsored events and programs.