Signage in the courtroom

Digital displays are now being incorporated in courthouses to provide important information and wayfinding to visitors.  Electronic message boards located in the main entrance and lobby can inform visitors of security checkpoint procedures.  These screens provide information on emptying pockets and handbag checks, as well as cell phone and weapon policies.

These digital signs can also be integrated with existing case management and the daily docket to allow visitors to quickly find the information they need and continue to the proper location within the courthouse.  This eliminates congestion and crowding in high traffic areas within the facility.  By integrating with the courthouse’s current system, this digital network can also monitor caseloads and courtroom utilization to help the staff use space and resources more efficiently.

Another important benefit to digital displays in the courtroom is that the system can be updated on the fly to display important alerts and emergency information.  This helps to quickly inform staff and visitors of important evacuation or other safety procedures necessary to keep everyone safe.